About Us

Resonance is the country’s popular music brand, a company, a 360 degree music concept, comprising Music Record Label, Publishing, Gifting and Chain of Resonance Music Classes.

Resonance is also recognized with State Award in the field of music excellence. Resonance exist with the motto of -

1- Preservation of Arts i.e. record, promote, publish and distribute the definitive arts works.

2- Free Music Education and its benefits in rehabilitation of society.

3- Create social campaigns in generating awareness about various socio-health issues.

4- Serving Employment, Self-employment, Training, Promotions opportunities for art, music sector.


Service beyond boundary & personal care to our customers, we share our homework so that one can represent us & get an opportunity to go beyond & benefit more than what he/she wants.


To cater music as a Consumable Product, as a part of our daily/regular human lives & life styles.

Core Value

Resonance symbolizes the spirit that lives music, the one who achieve God through his guitar or subject.