Music Consultancy

The Story Behind Concept of providing Consultancy in the field of Music - Consultancy in the field of Music....? Have u heard the sentence ever.....? The concept comes in our mind from a story. Once a student came to RESONANCE MUSIC for learning Spanish Guitar. He had already been learning Guitar from the last three years. But after three years of learning he realized that instead of learning Spanish Guitar, he is learning Hawaiian Guitar from the last three years. He was shocked after realizing that he had wasted his three long years. There was no fault of Music Teacher either beasue the student hadn't given his choice/interest for learning Spanish Guitar. He just wanted to learn Guitar. He was not aware of difference between Spanish and Hawaiian Guitar.

After the plight of student, a thought came to our mind that if that music enthusiast got proper counseling at the initial stages of learning music, he hadn't wasted his valuable time, efforts and money. We realized the importance of a proper counselor for the aspiring Music Learners. Usually students are guided/counseled by their Music Teacher during process of learning. But in the filed of Music finding a honest teacher is very difficult. Identifying a good and honest Teacher (Guru) is very difficult because of lack of knowledge in Music. We have seen many Harmonium players or Vocalist teaching Keyboard or Piano. We have seen many Drum Player teaching Tabla. We have seen many students whose fingers movement on Spanish Guitar is like fingers movement on Hawaiian Guitar. Also natural talent is very important in the field of Music. We have seen the people wasting their time, efforts & money without knowing their natural skill/talent. They don't have required natural talent to survive in the field of Music.

How we fulfill Aspirations. We endeavour to provide to specific solution for specific need. Guidance/'Marg Darshan' is provided free for students of RESONANCE MUSIC. Other persons can also avail consultancy from RESONANCE MUSIC after paying the Consultancy Fee. Guidance/'Marg Darshan' is provided on the following:-

  • Those who want to learn a Musical Instrument or vocal just as a hobby.
  • Those who want to pursue Music as their profession.
  • Those who want to participate in 'Realty Shows' like Indian Idoal, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa etc
  • Those who want to become Music Teacher.
  • Those who want to form their own Music Team/Band etc
  • Those who want to improve their hidden talent of Music.